LOUVRE ART FAIR 2018.05.25-27. (Paris, France)
45th ANTIBES ART FAIR 2018.04.21-05.08. (Antibes, France)
APHRODISIAKUM – Salon Modena Art 2018.04.06 (Wien, Austria)
ELIXIR – Salon Modena Art 2018.02.09-11 (Wien, Austria)
GOLDENE WEIHNACHTEN, Salon Schräg 2017.12.20 (Wien, Austria)
Salon Golden Garden 2017.12.05 (Monaco, France)
Art Fair Salon Art Shopping 2017.12.02.03 (Cannes, France)
IBIZA ART FAIR 2017.10.26-29 (Ibiza, Spain)
Exhibition “15” Gallery Lichtraum Eins 2017.09.15 (Wien, Austria)
Street Art – Kunst Am Zaum 2017.09.09 (Wien, Austria)
Salon Golden Garden 2017.07.30 (Mandelieu, France)
Figurstraktiv, Galéria IX. 2017.07.07-28 (Budapest, Hungary)
Secret Garden – Es Caliu Restaurant 2017.06.30 (Ibiza, Spain)
LOUVRE ART FAIR 2017.06.10-11 (Paris, France)
WORLD ART DUBAI 2017.04.12-15 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Secret Gallery 2017.01.19. (Budapest, Hungary)
Art Fair Art Shopping – Centre Expo Congrés 2016.12.10-11 (Cannes, France)
Art Fair – Louvre 2016.05.27-29 (Paris, France)

other exhibitions:

XL. Summer Exhibition 2019. REÖK, Szeged Hungary
GYERMELY Art Camp Exhibition 2016. Bartók 1, Budapest
Kikötő / Luka 2016. August Šenoa Horvát Klub, Pécs
MMMH 2016. Törökbálint
Miris Mora 2. 2015. Prvić Luka, Croatia
Miris Mora 2015. Vodice, Croatia
A TENGER ILLATA 2015. Aranytíz, Budapest
NÉGY ELEM 2013 . MAOE, Olof Palme Ház, Budapest
XXXVII. Summer Exhibition 2013. REÖK, Szeged Hungary
“Uszadék” / Folyam Csoport 2013. Csepel Gallery, Budapest
National “Kovács” Exhibition 1999. Szombathely

For all information regarding art availability, commissioning and pricing:

Marianna Kruzsely – Milano, Italy
Phone: 0039 349 603 6442
Réka Dubovitz – Miami Beach, Florida
Phone: (786)212 4129

János Zoltán Kovács – Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 20 454 0609

Please fill out the form below:

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