member of Association of Hungarian Fine Artist
member of Portrait Society of America
MA: Hungarian University of Fine Arts
BA: The Faculty of Visual Arts in Pécs


LOUVRE ART FAIR 2018.05.25-27. (Paris, France)
45th ANTIBES ART FAIR 2018.04.21-05.08. (Antibes, France)
APHRODISIAKUM – Salon Modena Art 2018.04.06 (Wien, Austria)
ELIXIR – Salon Modena Art 2018.02.09-11 (Wien, Austria)
GOLDENE WEIHNACHTEN, Salon Schräg 2017.12.20 (Wien, Austria)
Salon Golden Garden 2017.12.05 (Monaco, France)
Art Fair Salon Art Shopping 2017.12.02.03 (Cannes, France)
IBIZA ART FAIR 2017.10.26-29 (Ibiza, Spain)
Exhibition “15” Gallery Lichtraum Eins 2017.09.15 (Wien, Austria)
Street Art – Kunst Am Zaum 2017.09.09 (Wien, Austria)
Salon Golden Garden 2017.07.30 (Mandelieu, France)
Figurstraktiv, Galéria IX. 2017.07.07-28 (Budapest, Hungary)
Secret Garden – Es Caliu Restaurant 2017.06.30 (Ibiza, Spain)
LOUVRE ART FAIR 2017.06.10-11 (Paris, France)
WORLD ART DUBAI 2017.04.12-15 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Secret Gallery 2017.01.19. (Budapest, Hungary)
Art Fair Art Shopping – Centre Expo Congrés 2016.12.10-11 (Cannes, France)
Art Fair – Louvre 2016.05.27-29 (Paris, France)

János Zoltán Kovács is dedicated to the art of portraiture and uses it to explore classical technique and design. Led by his interest in the European Old Masters, he investigated their techniques both independently and classes. He begins his career as a teacher, but in the meantime he paints regularly. He gets admitted to the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists.

His early works are focused on architecture, but he does not publicize them, he does not consider this creative phase mature enough. He’s deeply interested in applied graphics, he starts working for cartoons and the joins the Budapest team of the very successful U.S. online children’s magazine, “ – the Supersite for Kids”. He begins to work as a designer for the department of micro-sites and and online games. But as soon as he reveals his exceptional talent for portrait and caricature drawing, he immediately starts to receive such jobs as well. His work has even appeared on the cover of the Financial Times magazine. During this successful period he accepts a position at one of the Hungarian market leader companies as an Art Director, but later market has changed, so have the conditions and he comes back to painting again. His approach is more mature now, the figural representation is in the center of his attention. He begins to regularly paint portraits on order, and also starts taking photos. The female figure, the approach of femininity through the face, the eyes and the motions gets his attention. He builds contacts with the fashion world as a professional photographer, and in the meantime he sometimes paints these models as well. His aim is to connect the classic role and nature of women with the exciting visuality of fashion and design . ”

János works and resides in Budapest.